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Virtual Hands-on Training for Young Cultural Entrepreneur in Kotatua Jakarta

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What’s theory without practice? After a series of mentoring sessions, 101 young cultural entrepreneurs in Kotatua had the opportunity to join various virtual technical trainings amid the COVID-19 challenges throughout July and August 2020.

Premium professional entities such as Documentation Center of Architecture (Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur), online marketing company Moselo, Jakarta Institute of Arts (Institut Kesenian Jakarta), and makeup business tycoon Sariayu Martha Tilaar, provided lectures to guide youth entrepreneurs on the history of Kotatua, how to optimize social media content and feature, making quality smartphone photography, infographic making, stage makeup, and heritage-inspired craft product development.

One example, the class on ‘Introduction to Historical Research’ with Ms Nadia Purwestri from Documentation Centre of Architecture used Zoom and Google Jamboard as the training platform. The session started with an overview of conducting historical research, followed by a case study. In the case study, the trainees were invited to fill in a mind map and break down the research question together using Jamboard, while tips and tricks of doing online research were introduced along the session.

Similarly using primarily Zoom as the training platform, the trainer Mr Subarkah Hadisardjana from Jakarta Institute of the Arts demonstrated ways and techniques of applying makeup for stage performance during the session on ‘Stage Makeup and Virtual Performance’. At the same time, the trainees followed in the steps at the comfort of their own home with the provided makeup kit. Once the demo was done, the trainees were given a chance to show the result of their practice to the trainer for feedback and comments.

These trainings are conducted as part of ‘Creative Youth at Indonesian Heritage Sites, a project implemented in cooperation with Citi Indonesia and UNESCO Jakarta, supported by Citi Foundation.  It aims to build the entrepreneurial capacity of youths living in and around famous heritage and tourism destinations to tap into the livelihood opportunities the sites offer.

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