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“Let’s Do a Happy Branding”

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Young cultural entrepreneur at historical sites learn fundamental skills of marketing during COVID-19 challenges

We, human always strive to do better and find the positive amidst any difficult situations. This time of quarantine during COVID-19 turns out to be an opportunity for many to deepen their knowledge and hone their skills while businesses halt, in order to come back stronger. Under the support of Citi Foundation, UNESCO Jakarta together with Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur organized the third round of virtual business mentoring sessions using WhatsApp and Youtube to support young cultural entrepreneurs in informal sector in Kotatua Jakarta, following the previous two rounds on design thinking and business and financial planning.

The training is part of “Creative Youth at Indonesian Heritage Sites” project, aimed at providing business capacity building to 400 young cultural entrepreneurs living in and around famous Indonesia heritage destinations (including UNESCO World Heritage sites) in Kotatua Jakarta, Yogyakarta/Central Java, Toba and Bali since 2017. Mr Adityayoga and Ms. Caroline Mellanie T., lecturers from the Faculty of Visual Arts of Institut Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Institute of the Arts) @senirupaikj were the main trainers for this mentoring on 3 June 2020. This follow-up mentoring session detailed the four basic variables in branding – advertisement, marketing, public relations, and sensory branding – taking examples and case studies from recent news and brands. The main takeaway from the session is that we need to create a brand by which customers can differentiate our products from the competitors.

This session intends to prepare the young entrepreneurs for a subsequent activity “Branding Bahagia” (Happy Branding) aimed at supporting the actual brand image development of each young cultural entrepreneurs. For further information about this project and its activities, please visit the project social media platforms “Kita Muda Kreatif” (@kitamudakreatif).

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